Welcome to a website I created to share the research I have completed on the Harsin family.  My interest began back in 1973 when my father, Harold Harsin, received a letter in the mail from another Harsin that lived in Topeka, Kansas, J.D. Harsin. When I read the letter, it sparked interest. Where and when did the first Harsin come to the USA, How many folks have the last name Harsin and how are they related, How am I related to all the people with the last name of Harsin, How are all the Harsins related to one another?  My search to answer these questions began! I have been working on and off, sometimes working as if I had two full time jobs, just on this project. Other times, I did nothing for several years. I have to admit, once I found out some facts about the father of my research subject, Garret Harsin, I was a little discouraged to continue my research. However, my interest has sparked again, and I am now going to place my efforts toward producing this website for the sharing of my findings with the family. I intend to make a portion of this website a secure section for descendants of Garret Harsin. At this point, all pages on this site are public.  I encourage your comments and recommendations for building this website. Please feel free to contact me. If you see anything that is incorrect, please contact me. I hope you enjoy the site. It is my desire that this information will be shared to many generations to come.


Raymond (Ray) Eugene Harsin

You may contact me by email at: tree@harsin.net

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