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How many members of Garret's family had the name of George Harsin?

I looked up the Georges in my data. As of June 9, 2010, I have a total of 15 George Harsins! Wow. I also have only three that were born between 1834 and 1841! They all three married Sarahs. 

George M Harsin was born Jan 26, 1834 in Indiana to the parents of Garret and Sarah Yelton. This George married a Sarah Francis Beabout. 

George Harsin was born in 1835 in Kentucky to the parents of David G Harsin and Esther Debord.  This George married two times. Mary Gulliams and to a Sarah Ann Harrison. With Sarah Ann Harrison, he did have a child named George that was born in 1873. This George also married a Sarah Walker.  

George Carter Harsin was born June 22, 1841 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana to the parents of John D Harsin and Elizabeth Carter. He married Sarah Agan. 

So, there were 4 Georges that married a Sarah! 


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