Garret Harsin Headstone Renovation Project

I take a trip to see Garret and Elizabeth Harsin's grave site a few times a year. I take small United States flags to place on Garret's grave to commemorate his serving in the American Revolutionary War and serving for General George Washington in his Guard unit. I took such a trip on July 4rth, 2015, to arrive to a broken headstone. This made me very sad. I do not think it was due to vandalism. I more think this was a lawn mower wound as the stone is on the end of a row and just short of a hill. The stone is in bad shape also. Time and weather has taken a toll on this type of stone that was engraved in 1838. One cannot read the stone's engravings at this current date. Even if the stone was cleaned, the letters are illegible.

After speaking with a few descendants of this couple, it is our opinion it is now time to renovate the memorial site. I will be more than happy to organize the efforts. However, this will take time as I wish to get the opinions of other descendants on just how this renovation should take place. I will be posting a survey on this site and marketing it on Facebook to the descendants of Garret and Elizabeth. There are two different schools of thought on the stones. The first is to retain the old stones and cement Garrets stone together once again and then place a newer modern stone between Garret and Elizabeth's original stones. The second is to full replace the original stones with a modern stone, only. In both of these scenarios, the plaque that is in place currently between the two original stones is to be removed. This is the plaque that was placed on the grave in the 1980s when it was believed that Garret was actually a man named Andrew Harrison and directly related to the President Harrison and Benjamin Harrison IV, signer of the Declaration of Independence for VA. However, a DNA project has since shown there is no relation to these families. Thus the plaque referencing Andrew Harrison is to be remo

Current Donations as of 7/19/2015: $195


I will post a survey soon.

I have also began a DONATION PROJECT to offset the cost of this project. I will research the expense of the two options I mentioned above. At this point, I have an estimate of $3,000 on my drive. However, I expect the total cost to be less and will update the Fund-raising goal as I find the estimated costs of doing this renovation,

I also expect there will be a formal dedication at the memorial site once the renovation has been completed. I would like to plan to have this in conjunction with one of our family reunions that typically happens the first Saturday in August. I would think this will be in 2016. We will establish this date in he future.

In order to Donate by electronic funds, you can visit GoFundMe to use a credit or debit card. If you rather send money by mail, please use my address below. If you have questions or concerns, please send me an email message at If you rather walk up to me in person at a family event, I will not turn you away.

Ray Harsin
1404 Murphy's Landing Dr Apt 103
Indianapolis, IN 46217

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