Oldest Known Bible Records of Harsin Family Information

Recently, I was asked the question, "What is the earliest known Bible found within the Harsin family?"  Good question!  I know I have had several folks send me copies of records they had from Bibles that were in their possession. Some came from several generations back. The oldest that I have in my possession is the one my grandmother Agnes (nee Smart)Harsin had. I know there were others older than the one she had.  If you possess a Bible that belonged to a Harsin ancestor and has written data within concerning the Harsin family or ownership, can you let me know?  If you can copy some of its contents and send them to me electronically or by mail, I will post them on this page. Make sure to identify the owner of the Bible and the years the owner lived.  Let us preserve written historical documentation and share it with the whole family by posting it on this web site. Thank you!


1.) A letter written by the late Thurman Harrison of Madison, Indiana, says when William Franklin Harsin passed away, a Bible belonging originally to George Harsin was found and handed down in the family. Does anyone know who has this Bible, today?

2.) It is known that a bible that once belonged to Garret G Harsin, born 9/24/1790 in Paris, KY - a son of Garret Harsin the American Revolutionary War Veteran, was passed down through the family to the late Homer Eugene Harsin of Oregon. Does anyone know who has this Bible, today?

Bible is in the Current Possession of:

Believed to be the First Owner

Comments about the Age of the Bible

Patty Carr

Charles Harsin

Bible was first purchased in 1909

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