Family Reunion

For Descendants of Garret Harsin (1753-1838)

Who is invited:

All descendants and their spouses or significant others that are directly descended from Garret Harsin, the American Revolutionary War veteran that was born in New York City on June 15, 1753, are invited. Your “Harsin” link may possibly by as far back as your great-great-great grandparents. You are still invited! Do not know if you are a descendant? Email Ray to find out!!

Reunion Contact:

Ray Harsin


No preregistration is required for this year's reunion. Come if you can and have fun!


August 1, 2015. Noon to 6PM

A Picnic Basket Lunch will begin at 1PM

Typically, this reunion is held the first Saturday in August.


Clifty Falls State Park in the Poplar Grove Picnic Shelter
12221 Clifty Drive
Madison, Indiana 46250

Photos of Clifty Park


I want to attend! What do I do now? What to do the day of the reunion? What do I bring?


The reunion party is free. However you must pay to enter the park. The cost is $7 per car that has an Indiana license Plate, $9 for out-of-state vehicles.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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(All times are Madison, Indiana times, EST)

8:00AM to Noon Field trip by car to visit Garret and Elizabeth Harsin's grave site in Shelby Co, IN. Be sure to contact Ray if you wish to go!!

Noon Check-in Table at the Poplar Grove Shelter will open. This is your first stop.

1:00PM Lunch time – Pitch-in style lunch.

3:00 to 4:00PM Ray's talk: Family History and Stories. Family Announcements!

4:00 to 5:00PM Open Mic from 4PM to 5PM for Family Story telling!

5:00 to 7:00PM Field trip to Carroll Co, Kentucky to view Homestead and Family Cemetery.Be sure to contact Ray if you wish to go!!

Frequently asked questions

I want to attend. What do I do now?


What do I do the day of the reunion?

When you arrive, come to the registration table to check in. Bring your whole party along with you. There will be a short registration form and a photo will be taken of your group. Once you are done registering, have fun talking to and meeting new relatives you have never met in the past! Take a trip by the family memorabilia tables. Top of Page

What do I bring to the reunion?

Bring food to share. Tables will be set up to place food that will be served buffet style. Bring a serving utensils for your dish. Make sure to mark your dish on the bottom with your name if you will be retrieving it after the party. Bring drinks as well. For those traveling in from afar, there are plenty of grocery stores in Madison if you would like to travel light.

If you have framed photos you would like to place on display of the past generations of family members, bring them along! Make sure to bring a paper to identify the individuals for all to see. It would be helpful to add the ancestry line of those individuals back to Garret Harsin as well. If you are not certain how they are related to Garret, contact Ray by email. Top of Page

Does Ray have contact information for other family members?

Maybe not! Please spread the word to all family members. Let them know to contact Ray even if they are not coming to the reunion. Family newsletters can be sent to them as well. A copy of Harsin Happen'n's will be delivered to them. There are several ways to contact Ray. By email at, message on facebook and 772.828.0694. Top of Page

I did not get a formal invitation. Why?

Ray spreads the news about the reunion in several ways. A formal written invitation is usually only done if there is not a current email address or current FaceBook account/friend on Tree (Ray) Harsin facebook account. This is why we need to spread the news to everyone and have them contact Ray to give him their current email and USPS mail address. Top of Page

Can I bring friends?

Yes. While the reunion is for descendants of Garret Harsin, friends are always welcome. Top of Page

What airport would I fly into if traveling by air to get there?

Louisville, KY, airport would be the nearest and easiest to drive to Madison from. However, the Cincinnati, Northern-Kentucky airport would be another option.

Are there hotels in Madison for our stay?

Yes, there are several hotels in Madison and there is Clifty Inn at Clifty Falls State Park.

What are the field trips listed in the agenda?

Field Trip to Garret and Elizabeth Harsin's Grave site

Join the field trip by car to visit Garret and Elizabeth Harsin's grave site in Shelby Co, IN. (80 miles in one direction) Follow the trail Garret and Elizabeth took to take their family from Wright's Ridge in Kentucky to Brandywine Creek in Shelby County, Indiana. When we get there, you will be able to see the small church that Garret and his family helped construct and of which they were charter members. Also, we will see the maintained cemetery and the stones for Garret and wife Elizabeth Harsin and their daughter Maria and husband Henry Surber. Ray will give a short talk on the life of Garret and Elizabeth. Bring your camera! Then we will head back to the reunion site in Madison by noon. Make sure to mention on the RSVP that you might want to go on this trip. We will leave promptly after a roll call from the picnic site, Poplar Grove Shelter in Clifty Falls State Park. We leave at 8:00AM sharp.

Field Trip to Harsin Homestead in Carroll Co, Kentucky

A field trip by car to see Wright's Ridge in Carroll Co, KY, (16 miles in one direction) will be led by Ray Harsin. Upon arrival at Check-In, indicate you would like to go to Wright's Ridge. A map will be available and Ray will drive, leading the way to Wright's Ridge where Garret and Elizabeth settled and son George remained. While Garret and Elizabeth did settle for a short time in Eastern Kentucky, they eventually took root along the Ohio River bluffs in Carroll County, KY, on Wright's Ridge. Locust Creek and Notch Lick Roads were also homes to descendants of Garret and George over the years. These two roads lead up to Wright's Ridge. There is a small family cemetery on Wright's Ridge that is believed to have the graves of George and his wife, Prudence; Linton Harsin (son of George) and wife Lavina (née Wise) Harsin. The stones for Leon (son of Linton) and wife Mahala (née Wright) Harsin are located here as well. This son of Garret, George, was the one son that remained living in the Kentucky and southern Indiana area while two other sons and at least one daughter went westward to Iowa, Oregon and Nebraska. The cemetery is not maintained any longer except by family members as they desire to do it. We will be able to see the cemetery and the stones for Leon and Mahala. Most of the cemetery is now taken over by vines and large trees.

Also, on Wright's Ridge, we can drive by the old homestead and also point out where other Harsin descendants still live on the ridge.

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Do you need any help with the reunion?

For this year's reunion, I will not need much help. There will be clean-up needed at the end of the picnic. I will hope I get volunteers for this. If you wish to take photos for me and send them to me after the event, I would appreciate that.

Will there be activities for children?

Yes! Bring park or yard games! There is plenty area to set up yard games. There is hiking paths too.

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